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The Use of Clear Speech as an Intervention for Older Adults with Hearing Loss: A Scoping Literature Review

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  • The research team conducted a scoping review of literature related to the concept of “Clear Speech” and its application with older individuals who have hearing loss. The application of Clear Speech is hypothesized to improve speech intelligibility and thus to increase comprehension of speech by a communication partner who has hearing impairment. There are profound communication and psychosocial consequences of hearing loss in older adults. Communication partners of individuals with hearing loss need to make changes to their way of speaking because these individuals are unable to completely modify their communication impairment, even with hearing aids. Clear Speech is a way to bridge the gap in communication; however, it cannot be applied in nursing homes, clinical settings and everyday interactions until it is fully understood. The end result of this comprehensive search is the realization of a picture of both the advances and the gaps in existing knowledge about Clear Speech resulting from all empirical investigations and applications of Clear Speech as a communicative aid to date.

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