Current progress in lipid-based biofuels: Feedstocks and production technologies

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    The expanding use of fossil fuels has caused concern in terms of both energy security and environmental issues. Therefore, attempts have been made worldwide to promote the development of renewable energy sources, among which biofuel is especially attractive. Compared to other biofuels, lipid-derived biofuels have a higher energy density and better compatibility with existing infrastructure, and their performance can be readily improved by adjusting the chemical composition of lipid feedstocks. This review thus addresses the intrinsic interactions between lipid feedstocks and lipid-based biofuels, including biodiesel, and renewable equivalents to conventional gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Advancements in lipid-associated biofuel technology, as well as the properties and applicability of various lipid sources in terms of biofuel production, are also discussed. Furthermore, current progress in lipid production and profile optimization in the context of plant lipids, microbial lipids, and animal fats are presented to provide a wider context of lipid-based biofuel technology.

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    • Wang, J., Singer, S. D., Souto, B. A., Asomaning, J., Ullah, A., Bressler, D. C., & Chen, G. (2022). Current progress in lipid-based biofuels: Feedstocks and production technologies. Bioresource Technology, 351, 127020.