A bibliography of the Athabasca oil sands Fort McMurray, Alberta area: Socio-economic and environmental studies. 1982 supplement

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  • This 1982 supplement to the 1980 cumulated update of \"A Bibliography of the Athabasca oil Sands, Fort McMurray, Alberta Area: Socio-Economic and Environmental Studies\" contains references to about 900 items. It lists journal articles received up to the end of November 1981 and reports received prior to February 1982 by the Alberta Environment Library. In addition to performing a computer search of selected data bases, the following sources were checked for pertinent references: the Alberta Oil Sands Index; the Alberta Municipal Affairs Library; the Alberta Tourism and Small Business Library; Alberta Culture, Historical Resources Division collection; the Library of the Northeast Alberta Regional Commissioner's Office; and the public reports published by Syncrude Canada Ltd. The assistance provided by staff of these libraries was greatly appreciated. With the exception of the changes noted below, entries are arranged under the headings used in the 1980 cumulated update. All headings and numbers appear in the table of contents; those for which there are no relevant entries in this supplement are marked \"No additions this supplement\" These headings and notes are not repeated in the body of the work. The heading for section A under \"VIII. Socio-Economic Studies\" has been changed from \"Fort McMurray Area\" to \"Athabasca Oil Sands Area\" to more accurately indicate the geographic area covered by items listed in this section. Section A also includes a new section \"Education\". As Fort McMurray is now a city, the heading for section VII. B has been changed to \"Fort McMurray\" from \"New Town of Fort McMurray\". Section VII. C \"New Townsite (for Alsands Project)\" has been established to allow for the subdivision of materials on the proposed new townsite. The 1980 cumulated update provided for separate sections for the Cold Lake, Peace River and Wabasca Oil Sands. The subdivisions \"Socio-Economic Studies\" and \"Environmental Studies\" used under Cold Lake are further subdivided using headings comparable to those established for studies on the Athabasca oil Sands. The Peace River and Wabasca sections both contain the following subdivisions: \"General Background References\", \"Historical Background Material and Archaeology\", \"Socio-Economic Studies\", and \"Environmental Studies\". A few items listed in the 1980 cumulated update have been repeated in this supplement in order to either correct the entry printed previously or to include additional information.

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