Putting Social Structure in its Place, Schematically

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  • I apply the schema I developed in a recent Issues in Integrative Studies (IIS ) paper (consisting of a hierarchically organized list of the phenomena of interest to human scientists, and the causal links or influences among these) to the case of social structure, which is defined in terms of the subgroups into which societies are divided. I discuss causal links in both directions between elements of social structure and phenomena in each of the nine other categories in my schema. This illustrates the validity of my schema, by showing that diverse causal links can be placed within it. I also illustrate the value of the schema as an organizing device for the study of social structure (or other phenomena). I draw several lessons for the future study of social structure.

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    • Szostak, R. (2001). Putting Social Structure in its Place, Schematically. Issues in Integrative Studies, 19, 171-220.