The impact of resource development on individual and family well-being

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  • This report represents one of the initial exploratory studies undertaken in 1976, to determine the parameters of and the appropriate methods for research on the social impacts of oil sands development in the AOSERP study area. As a preliminary step towards the clarification of the conceptual and empirical issues involved in the relationship between rapid resource development and individual and family well-being, the available published and unpublished literature as well as various statistical data sources are reviewed. This study does not attempt to collect new data or to fully explicate statistical data available at the time in either an unpublished or unanalyzed form. Several issues are explored: the influence of marriage and family on employment patterns and life satisfaction in resource communities; the factors involved in geographical mobility of people; the general characteristics of resource communities; the culture and problems of native peoples affected by resource development; and a summary of relevant statistical and qualitative data available for the Fort McMurray area. One of the major tasks of this study is to interrelate these issues to help explain the quality of 1ife aspects in areas of rapid development. This involves an analysis of relevant theoretical traditions in explaining individual and family adjustment to transition and change, and the development of a 11suggestive\" theoretical model encompassing the variables pertinent to intra-family, family-work and family-community relationships. The report identifies relevant concerns in conceptualizing and conducting research in the Fort McMurray area, proposes a research design and includes recommendations for future research.

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