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Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

Suncor Project Millennium Application Open Access


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Suncor Inc., Oil Sands Group
Additional contributors
0 - Download - 1-0 - Project Millennium Application Volume 1
Attached 5 - 1-5 - Oil Sands Aquatics Monitoring Program - RAMP
Attached 15 - 2B-2 - Terrestrial Vegetation Baseline for Project Millennium
Attached 16 - 2B-3 - Wetlands Baseline for Project Millennium
Attached 2 - 1-2 - Project Millennium-Maps
Attached 6 - 1-6 - Project Millennium Conceptual Plan for Fish Habitat
Attached 26 - 2D-0 - Project Millennium Application Volume 2D
Attached 27 - 3-0 - Government of Alberta Submission to Alberta Energy & Utilities Board Hearing
Attached 19 - 2B-6 - Wildlife Baseline Conditions for Project Millennium
Attached 7 - 2A-0 - Project Millennium Application Volume 2A
Attached 1 - 1-1 - Project Millennium Application Summary
Attached 18 - 2B-5 - Forestry Baseline for Project Millennium
Attached 25 - 2C-3 - Historical Resources Impact Assessment for Project Millennium
Attached 4 - 1-4 - 1997 Synthesis of Enviromental Information on Consolidated-Composite Tailings
Attached 9 - 2A-2 - Hydrology Baseline for Project Millennium
Attached 17 - 2B-4 - Ecological Land Classification for Project Millennium
Attached 3 - 1-3 - Project Millennium Application Supplemental Information Response
Attached 11 - 2A-4 - Project Millennium Fall Fisheries Investigations
Attached 8 - 2A-1 - Meteorology, Emissions and Ambient Air Quality in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region
Attached 10 - 2A-3 - Hydrogeology Baseline for Project Millennium
Attached 13 - 2B-0 - Project Millennium Application Volume 2B
Attached 14 - 2B-1 - Soil & Terrain Baseline for Project Millennium
Attached 24 - 2C-2 - Traditional Resource Use Fort McKay & Neighbouring Communities-Archival Sampling Program
Attached 12 - 2A-5 - Winter Aquatics Surveys-Steepbank River-Shipyard Lake
Attached 23 - 2C-1 - Naphthenic Acids-Update on Mammalian Toxicity
Attached 20 - 2B-7 - Winter Wildlife Surveys-Steepbank River-Shipyard Lake
Attached 21 - 2B-8 - Wildlife Habitat-Suitability Index for Project Millennium
Attached 22 - 2C-0 - Project Millennium Application Volume 2C
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Canada, Alberta, Fort McMurray
Suncor Energy Inc. is applying for regulatory approval to proceed with the construction, operation and reclamation of the proposed Project Millennium located at its current operations near Fort McMurray in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in northeastern Alberta. On 31 July 1997, Suncor released a disclosure document for the proposed project. Since then, a comprehensive public and regulatory consultation and communication program as well as an Environmental Impact Assessment have been underway in parallel with engineering studies. This document comprises the application for approval of Project Millennium and serves to meet requirements under the Alberta Oil Sands Conservation Act and the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. It also includes the Environmental Impact Assessment. This folder contains the main volumes of the EIA plus the supporting reports. Look at the Subject List at the left to see the Volume/Report titles then click on the applicable link on the right.
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This material is provided under educational reproduction permissions included in Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development's Copyright and Disclosure Statement, see terms at This Statement requires the following identification: \"The source of the materials is Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development The use of these materials by the end user is done without any affiliation with or endorsement by the Government of Alberta. Reliance upon the end user's use of these materials is at the risk of the end user.
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