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  • Energy Efficiency Alberta

    Energy Efficiency Alberta was a government agency in operation from January 2017 to September 2020. Its mandate was: to raise awareness among energy consumers of energy use and the associated economic and environmental consequences; to promote, design, and deliver programs and carry out other activities related to energy efficiency, energy conservation, and the development of micro-generation and small-scale energy systems in Alberta, and to promote the development of an energy efficiency services industry.

    • Engineering, Faculty of

      The University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering ranks in size among the top 5 per cent of more than 400 engineering schools in North America, with about 4,000 undergraduate and 1,600 graduate students. We offer 21 engineering programs as well as Canada’s second-largest Engineering Co-op Program, with more than 1,400 paid student placements per year. All of our degree programs are fully accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.

      • English and Film Studies, Department of

        The Department of English and Film Studies is dedicated to teaching and learning, research, and service in three core areas: English in its many forms, sustaining a broad curriculum and an active pedagogy in established and emergent literary fields; production and teaching of creative writing across numerous genres including fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction; and the engagement with film and allied media in a program embracing both historical contexts and theoretical approaches.

        • Equity Diversity Inclusion Community (EDI)

          The EDI community contains a collection of resources to raise awareness and skills in creating respectful and inclusive work, teaching, learning, and living environments. Equity at its heart is about removing barriers, biases, and obstacles that impede equal access and opportunity to succeed as students, faculty, and staff in the academy. Diversity is fundamentally about valuing human and institutional differences and recognizing diverse talents to advance institutional excellence with equity. Inclusion is the active engagement of diversity and equity. Access goes beyond physical accessibility to include principles of universal design in all aspects of the University’s operations.

          • ERA General Collection

            Items in this collection come from individual faculty who are not placing their work within a departmental or faculty collection in ERA.

            • ERA Processing

              This is a working space community for data preparation and is for the use of ERA development staff only.

              • Family Medicine, Department of

                The Department of Family Medicine (DFM) at the University of Alberta provides education, research and administrative services directed towards delivering accessible, quality family practice to the general public and to all communities.

                • Forum for Information Professionals

                  The Forum for Information Professionals (formerly Professional Development Day) is an annual one-day event of presentations and discussions on current topics facing librarianship. The event is hosted by the students of the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta and organized by the Forum for Information Professionals committee. FIP is an opportunity for librarians and information professionals from all parts of Alberta to exchange ideas with library students and academics. Speakers include professional librarians as well as current and past students. The Forum for Information Professionals is organized by graduate students in the MLIS or joint MLIS programs at the School of Library and Information Studies.

                  • Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Program

                    Focusing on resource engineering, our program offers a number of courses unique to the University and to Canada. Our students benefit from having the best laboratory facilities in Canada, including the most comprehensive cold room facilities in the world and the multi-million dollar Oil Sands Tailings Research Facility.

                    • Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS), Faculty of

                      The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) administers all graduate programs at the University of Alberta, including more than 110 master's and 60 doctoral programs in over 300 research areas.

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