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  • Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of

    The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate students some of the finest instruction and facilities in North America. Our state-of-the-art research and instructional labs are matched only by our team of professors and researchers –recognized as some of the top achievers and scientists in their fields. Our Department and School are located in the Markin/CNRL Natural Resources Engineering Facility. Today, more than 900 undergraduate and 500 graduate students are building their future and studying with our department.

    • Communications and Technology Graduate Program

      The Communications and Technology Graduate Program at the University of Alberta offers a theoretical, historical and practical examination of communications in the era of the Internet, social media and the mobile device. Situated in the Faculty of Extension, we offer a Master of Arts (course-based and thesis) as well as collaborating with other university partners on interdisciplinary PhD opportunities.

      • Community Service-Learning (CSL)

        Community Service-Learning (CSL) offers University of Alberta students the opportunity
        to work and make a difference with a local community group, while reflecting and putting
        their experiences in context within a university course. These community partnerships
        provide opportunities for students to gain valuable experience, contribute to their
        awareness of the social and political life of their community, and build capacity in the
        local not-for-profit sector.

        • Comparative Literature

          Comparative Literature is dedicated to the study of literature in the broadest possible framework -- interlingual, intercultural and interdisciplinary. As it is taught at this University, and at many other North American institutions, Comparative Literature implies the study of the interrelationships of literature with other cultural practices and with other disciplines: philosophy, psychology and politics; all problems in the field of literary criticism and theory; the study of broad currents of thought and style and of major literary schools; the study of literary genres and forms; the study of motifs and themes; the study of the presence of a work of literature, an author, a whole literature or even a country, region or culture in another national literature, region or culture; the study of authors writing in different languages but linked by contacts and intertextualities. Our program also includes international studies in popular culture and places increasing emphasis on popular literary genres and film. Moreover, the program has developed new areas of study such as those of marginalized and post-colonial literature, women's writing and the empirical study of literary response.

          • Computing Science, Department of

            Founded in 1964, the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta is the oldest and one of the largest computing science departments in Canada. We have an international reputation for contributions in the many fields of computing, both in foundations and applications. As one of the top research-intensive computing science departments in Canada, it is an excellent place to pursue graduate-level studies.
            Computing Science at the University of Alberta was one of the first programs of its kind in Canada and continues to be one of the top research-intensive Computing Science departments in the country. The Department is proud of its contributions in the many fields of computing including artificial intelligence, robotics, and software engineering.

            • Concordia University of Edmonton

              Concordia University of Edmonton is a community of learning grounded in scholarship and academic freedom, preparing students to be independent thinkers, ethical leaders, and citizens for the common good. It is recognized globally as a university committed to academic excellence in teaching and research, welcoming nearly 3,000 students annually from across Canada and from over 40 countries around the world.
              Concordia University of Edmonton is committed to the highest standards in education, service, and professional conduct and to the delivery of the best university programs for undergraduate, graduate, and after-degree students. We value individual potential and offer a student-focused liberal arts education.

              • Digital Communities Broadband Portal

                The Digital Communities Broadband Portal Community is a collection of materials related to rural and community broadband. This community acts a repository for materials from the Digital Communities Broadband Portal (

                • Digital Humanities Program

                  Digital Humanities integrates computational methods and theories with research and teaching in the Arts and Humanities. It addresses the demand for Arts graduates to be able to work either in the realm of arts and humanities research and teaching or in the emerging job markets of information management and content delivery over the internet.

                  • Documents of Contemporary War

                    Photography in the State of Exception: Documents of Contemporary War showcases explorations stemming from research conducted as an embedded official Canadian War Artist with Canadian Forces Operation Calumet in the Sinai Peninsula. During a tour of duty with Canadian Forces Operation CALUMET, Allen Ball captured 2000 photographic images that document the working lives of Canadians serving at El Gorah, Northern Sinai. From this vast collection, 12 paintings were created and depict the visible and invisible traces that remain on the surface of the militarized landscape of the Multinational Forces and Observers base.

                    • Drama, Department of

                      The Department of Drama at the University of Alberta combines graduate research, professional practice, and liberal arts study to offer a vibrant learning environment. We offer diverse and inclusive avenues of artistic inquiry supported by collaborative interplay among programs. We are committed to practical training and research into the nature of theatre itself. Our areas of research are performance practice, performance production, and performance studies.

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