Revegetation Species Profiles

Oil sands reclamation guidance documents prepared by the Cumulative Environmental Management Association and endorsed by the provincial government include lists of potential reclamation species. Ninety-eight reclamation species profiles have been prepared for inclusion in an OSRIN report. The individual profiles are provided here, and will be updated periodically as new information is obtained.

Although the original objective for the profiles was to inform decisions made by reclamation planners and practitioners in the oil sands and to promote the inclusion of these species in revegetation, the information has a much wider audience appeal. Professionals in other industries as well as provincial, municipal and federal government agencies, nursery producers, aboriginal groups, researchers, archeologists, cultural anthropologists and ethno-botanists, wildlife biologists, foresters, range managers, horticulturalists, naturalists and the general public continue to seek species information.

OSRIN is grateful to the Canadian Oil Sands Network for Research and Development (CONRAD) Environment and Reclamation Research Group (ERRG), the individual oil sands companies and Alberta Environment, Oil Sands and Clean Energy Branch who provided initial funding for Wild Rose Consulting Inc. to undertake the work to prepare the species profiles and who provided permission to use the information in this report. The companies who provided funding and permission to use the materials are listed in each species profile.

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