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  • Fall 2015

    Xie, Wenjuan

    Abstract This dissertation takes as its subject of study transcultural and historical investigations of the production and meanings of transgender in imperial China. I see this dissertation as part of the Chinese transgender studies scholarship pioneered by “beginning” works, such as Transgender

    China, that try to respond to this “transcultural turn” facing contemporary Anglophone-dominant transgender scholarship. My dissertation takes as its task not only to sketch out, for the first time in the English language, the largely understudied body of transgender existences in the Chinese texts of

    premodern China, but to systematically reexamine the lives of some transgendered individuals that survived its time via these texts and their significance in shaping a premodern Chinese transgender history, and to open up new approaches to world transgender experience of existences and formations as a whole

  • Spring 2024

    Davis, Adriana A

    The debate on whether transgender athletes should be ‘allowed’ to participate in elite sport, and in which gender category, has been increasing in recent years. Transgender individuals experience discrimination and rejection in physical activity and sport at a higher degree than their lesbian, gay

    , and bisexual counterparts. The current study identifies and describes the current attitudes of varsity athletes from three schools in Western Canada towards transgender athletes' participation in varsity sport. Participants, varsity athletes, were recruited from three Western Canada universities

    following preliminary conversations with each university’s athletic director. A total of 86 participants completed measures including a demographic questionnaire, the Attitudes Towards Transgender Men and Transgender Women (ATTMW) Scale, two questions specific to transgender athletes, the Shortened Right

  • Spring 2012

    Crawford, Lucas C.

    This project favours transgender narratives and affects inspired by exteriority, folds, queer décor, assemblage, and the archive. These spatial models help the project displace models of gender that are grounded in the concepts of enclosure, privacy, and property. As a response to the enforced

    interiority, integrity, and ownership of the trans subject, the project theorizes transgender as a series of modes (of actions rather than states) that push beyond the conscious agency of sovereign subjects to a new architectonic of “transing” affect. The constellation of modernist architectures that comprise

    temporality exceeds and critiques the generic conventions of biography (a genre often respected as the truest form of transgender history and experience). Written just as transgender was becoming codified as a sexological (and medical) subject, Orlando: a Biography shows us an early alternative theory of

  • 2018-02-02

    Grant, Toby

    Introduction: Transgender people are not being represented in public school sex education and are not able to rely on healthcare professionals being able to provide good and effective care. This study examined how transgender people are finding information relating to their sexual health and

    wellbeing Methods: Five semi-structured interviews were conducted using information seeking behaviour and sensemaking as a theoretical background. Participants were between 18 and 24 years old. Analysis: Interviews were transcribed and analysed for themes and sources used. Results: Transgender people are

    using internet resources, online communities of transgender people, in-person communities of transgender people, and healthcare professionals to find information. Participants said that they used online communities to find answers for questions that health professionals were unable to answer. The types

  • Spring 2019

    Hardy, Teresa

    Background: Voice and communication modification training is a critical aspect of the gender affirmation process for many transgender people. Incongruence between communication characteristics and gender positioning can be a cause of gender dysphoria and lead to misattribution or being outed as a

    transgender person, which can have significant negative social consequences (e.g., discrimination, physical harm). Consequently, identifying the characteristics of communication that contribute most to conveying one’s gender and masculinity-femininity is important for informing voice and communication

    characteristics and self-rated outcomes of femininity, communication satisfaction, and quality of life (QoL) for transgender women.Methods: The objectives of my doctoral research were met through the completion of four studies. Data collection for all four studies occurred at one time, across two phases. In the

  • Fall 2021

    Laxamana, Kevin Chavez

    their everyday hardships? This thesis looks at the lived histories and stories of transwomen sex workers in Singapore and Bali, Indonesia. By telling the experiences of these individuals, the more we learn about the intricacies and nuances of the transgender experience and reality which informs and

    shapes our perspectives on gender and categories. As such, I argue that anthropological studies on transgender and queer subjects, in connection with sex work, are sites for contesting and reformulating classifications and categories. The meanings produced and created from anthropological research and

  • 2016-12-08

    Anna Wilson

    This paper explores how transgender youth can grow into resilience through the mixture of cultural intersections (concept of Métissage) on the history of Two Spirit (TS) people, Navajo culture, and the Alaskan Two Spirit Braided Resiliency Framework, which can help transgender youth to develop

    -systems (Masten, 2015, p. 220). Fifth, the Alaskan Two Spirit Braided Resiliency Framework will braid the strands of this research together enabling transgender youth to develop their own conception of gender beautifully. Implications for future practice in public institutions will be provided in an

    effort to meet these challenges to promote the best practices possible for helping two spirit and Indigenous transgender youth grow into resilience.

  • Spring 2019

    Horvat, Ana

    This project looks at how athletic movements borrowed from exercise translate into performance and social media settings mediated through trans bodies, affects, and politics. Trans artists turn to exercise for personal transformation of the body and bring those movements and their accompanying...

  • Spring 2017

    Buterman, Jan L.

    technology of the birth certificate has a broad genealogy inclusive of documentation challenges for both transgender and cisgender individuals. Through exploring literature related these issues, as well as literature related to surveillance and documentation, records and archiving, and others, I begin to map

    a transgender person seeking to amend state-issued identification documents, my thesis uncovers the ongoing, universal effects of the technology of the birth certificate which applies to all. The birth certificate's active role in constructing modern citizenship means that identification

  • Fall 2014

    Lewis, Alison J

    This qualitative research study seeks to understand the educational experiences of elementary aged children who do not conform to gender stereotypes. The study explores the educational experiences of three children who have all identified as transgender while in elementary school. The study also

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