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Sexual Health Information Seeking Behaviour of Transgender People

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  • Introduction: Transgender people are not being represented in public school sex education and are not able to rely on healthcare professionals being able to provide good and effective care. This study examined how transgender people are finding information relating to their sexual health and wellbeing

    Methods: Five semi-structured interviews were conducted using information seeking behaviour and sensemaking as a theoretical background. Participants were between 18 and 24 years old.

    Analysis: Interviews were transcribed and analysed for themes and sources used.

    Results: Transgender people are using internet resources, online communities of transgender people, in-person communities of transgender people, and healthcare professionals to find information. Participants said that they used online communities to find answers for questions that health professionals were unable to answer. The types of questions included, but were not limited to, topics such as dealing with changes in the body resulting from hormone therapy and how that affected sexual activity and having a fulfilling sex life after gender affirming surgeries.

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