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  • Spring 2011

    Shams, Shiva

    One of heavy oils upgrading processes is hydroconversion. As it is a complex process involving many chemical reactions, the mathematical model of hydroconversion process often has more kinetic parameters than can be estimated from the data. In this thesis, a model for hydroconversion processing...

  • Spring 2011

    Zhu, Yijia

    Optimal experiment design has been considered as an effective tool to improve model reliability and accuracy in nonlinear system identification in the past few decades. This thesis is concerned with the following challenges which have not been previously addressed: poor initial guess problem of...

  • Fall 2015

    Nie, Rui

    This dissertation first introduces the concepts of robust active learning (also called optimal experimental design in statistics), and the possible advantages of it over the traditional passive learning method. Then a general regression problem with possibly misspecified models is presented, and...

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