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  • Fall 2010

    Luk, Jason

    This study experimentally evaluated wheat straw slurry pipelines. Tests were conducted to determine the particle properties of the biomass mixed in water over time. The saturated particle density of 1,060kg/m3 was reached after 24 hours, while the saturated moisture contents of 78.5% and 79.5%...

  • Fall 2009

    Sarkar, Susanjib

    Hydrogen can be produced from biomass; this hydrogen is called biohydrogen. Biohydrogen produced in Western Canada can partially contribute to meeting the demand for hydrogen needed for bitumen upgrading. Gasification and pyrolysis are two promising pathways for producing biohydrogen in a...

  • Fall 2009

    Singh, Shikhar

    This study develops the water requirement factors for different thermo-chemical and biochemical biomass conversion pathways for production of biofuels and biopower. Twelve biomass conversion pathways based on six biomass feedstocks are assessed. For all these pathways integrated water and...

  • Fall 2009

    Pootakham, Thanyakarn

    Bio-oil which is produced by fast pyrolysis of biomass has high energy density compared to ‘as received’ biomass. Two cases are studied for pipeline transport of bio-oil, a coal-based and hydro power based electricity supplies. These cases of pipeline transport are compared to two cases of...

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