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  • Spring 2016


    Asphaltenes are a solubility class and it is the material in oil that is insoluble in a paraffinic matrix. It is a major contributor to problems in many petroleum operations such as production, transportation, refining, precipitation, crude oil emulsification, and de-emulsification, and high...

  • Spring 2016

    Yazdanbakhsh, Farzad

    Direct desulfuization of syngas is an important measure to further increase the efficiency of IGCC systems. Solid-phase, metal oxide adsorbents which sequester the sulfur by converting H2S to a metal sulfide are the only desulfurization technology capable of withstanding the combustion...

  • Fall 2011

    Ji, Yiming

    This project was initiated to study the H2S removal process from liquid sulfur and later extended to generic liquid degassing scenarios. Enersul HyspecTM Degassing Process was first field tested so that comparison could be made with new units to be engineered. Two new degassing units were...

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