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  • Exploring the Research Knowledge Needs of Canadian Academic Librarians
  • Schrader, Alvin M.
  • academic librarians
    Canadian research libraries
    academic librarianship
    academic libraries
    Canadian Association of Research Libraries
    Fox, David
    University of Alberta Libraries
    research in academic libraries
  • Book Chapter
  • English
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • 2009/2010
  • University of Alberta, Canada
  • As academic librarians increasingly embrace the core value and challenge of engaging in research and scholarly work, and as senior library administrators continue to adopt evidence-based decision making, staff research knowledge and skills must be constantly and systematically developed and augmented. However, descriptive data on current competencies and competency gaps are not widely reported, nor are methodologies for capturing and articulating deeper insights into attitudes and perspectives. This paper describes the outcomes of a pilot project to shed light on the current levels of research knowledge, experience, interests, competencies, and learning needs as identified by academic librarians employed by the University of Alberta Libraries, which serves faculty, staff, and students at one of the major research institutions in Canada. The longer-term goal is to build capacity at both the institutional and the professional levels for sustaining an assessment and research culture.
  • PowerPoint slide presentation
  • Schrader, Alvin M. 2010. Fostering a Research Culture in Canadian Academic Libraries. Resources from Super Conference 2010, Ontario Library Association.