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  • The changing scope of colorectal cancer
  • White, J.S.
    McCallion, K.
    Gardiner, K.R.
    Mitchell, R.M.S.
    Watson, R.G.P.
    Collins, J.S.A.
    Wilson, R.H.
    Kee, F.
  • colorectal cancer
    disease distribution
    proximal colonic cancers
  • Review
  • English
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  • White, J.S., McCallion, K., Gardiner, K.R., Mitchell, R.M.S., Watson, R.G.P., Collins, J.S.A., Wilson, R.H., and Kee, F. (2002). The changing scope of colorectal cancer. Gut, 50(5): 741. doi:10.1136/gut.50.5.741