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  1. Generation of a restriction minus enteropathogenic Escherichia coli E2348/69 strain that is efficiently transformed with large, low copy plasmids

    by Hobson, N.; Price, N.L.; Ward, J.D.; Raivio, T.L.

    Background Many microbes possess restriction-modification systems that protect them from parasitic DNA molecules. Unfortunately,...

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  2. A genetic analysis of weed competitive ability in spring wheat

    by Reid, T.A.; Navabi, A.; Cahill, J.F.

    Competition with weeds decreases crop yields globally. Breeding for competitive ability against elevated weed pressure can...

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  3. GeNMR: A web server for rapid NMR-based protein structure determination

    by Berjanskii, M.; Tang, P.; Liang, J.; Cruz, J.A.; Zhou, J.; Zhou, Y.; Bassett, E.; MacDonnell, C.; Lu, P.; Lin, G.; Wishart, D.S.

    GeNMR (GEnerate NMR structures) is a web server for rapidly generating accurate 3D protein structures using sequence data,...

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  4. Genomic analysis and relatedness of P2-like phages of the Burkholderia cepacia complex

    by Lynch, K.H.; Stothard, P.; Dennis, J.J.

    Background The Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC) is comprised of at least seventeen Gram-negative species that cause infections...

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  5. Genomic analysis and relatedness of P2-like phages of the Burkholderia cepacia complex

    by Lynch, K.H.; Stothard, P.; Dennis, J.J.

    Abstract Background: The Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC) is comprised of at least seventeen Gram-negative species that...

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  6. Genomic sequence and activity of KS10, a transposable phage of the Burkholderia cepacia complex

    by Goudie, A.D.; Lynch, K.H.; Seed, K.D.; Stothard, P.; Shrivastava, S.; Wishart, D.S.; Dennis, J.J.

    Background: The Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC) is a versatile group of Gram negative organisms that can be found throughout...

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  7. The Genus Oidiodendron: Species Delimitation and Phylogenetic Relationships Based on Nuclear Ribosomal DNA Analysis

    by Hambleton, Sarah; Egger, Keith N.; Currah, Randolph S.

    Nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences (ITS region) of fifteen species in the hyphomycete genus Oidiodendron and ten species from...

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  8. Geographical structuring of feather mite assemblages from the Australian brush-turkey

    by Proctor, H.C.; Jones, D.N.

    Populations of a host species may exhibit different assemblages of parasites and other symbionts. The loss of certain species...

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  9. GERp95, a membrane-associated protein that belongs to a family of proteins involved in stem cell differentiation

    by Cikaluk, D.E.; Tahbaz, N.; Hendricks, L.C.; DiMattia, G.E.; Hansen, D.; Pilgrim, D.; Hobman, T.C.

    A panel of mAbs was elicited against intracellular membrane fractions from rat pancreas. One of the antibodies reacted with...

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  10. Gleichenia appianense sp. nov. (Gleicheniaceae): A permineralized rhizome and associated vegetative remains from the Eocene of Vancouver Island, British Columbia

    by Mindell, R. A.; Stockey, R. A.; Rothwell, G. W.; Beard, G.

    A permineralized gleicheniaceous rhizome with an attached stipe base has been identified from the Appian Way locality on...

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  12. Goldfish ghrelin: Molecular characterization of the complementary deoxyribonucleic acid, partial gene structure and evidence for its stimulatory role in food intake

    by Unniappan, S.; Lin, X.W.; Cervini, L.; Rivier, J.; Kaiya, H.; Kangawa, K.; Peter, R.E.

    Complementary deoxyribonucleic acid (cDNA) encoding goldfish preproghrelin was identified using rapid amplification of the...

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  13. Grand challenges in terrestrial microbiology

    by Stein, L.Y.; Nicol, G.W.

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  14. Grizzly bear habitat selection is scale dependent

    by Ciarniello, L. M.; Boyce, M. S.; Seip, D. R.; Heard, D. C.

    The purpose of our study is to show how ecologists' interpretation of habitat selection by grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) is...

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  15. Growth Architecture of Thucydia mahoningensis, a Model for Primitive Walchian Conifer Plants.

    by Hernandez‐Castillo, G.R.; Rothwell, G.W.; Stockey, R.A.; Mapes, G.

    A large number of vegetative and fertile branching systems of Thucydia mahoningensis provide data for interpreting the growth...

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  16. Habitat use by caribou Rangifer tarandus caribou in Northern Alberta, Canada.

    by Schneider, R. R.; Wynes, B. B.; Wasel, S. S.; Dzus, E. E.; Hiltz, M. M.

    Habitat mapping and habitat supply assessment have been identified as key elements of the Alberta Woodland Caribou Conservation...

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  17. Hadrosaur trackways from the Lower Cretaceous of Canada

    by Currie, P. J.

    The most common ichnogenus in the Peace River Canyon is Amblydactylus, a large bipedal herbivore. The morphology of the hand...

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  18. Hands, feet and behaviour in Pinacosaurus (Dinosauria: Ankylosauridae)

    by Currie, P. J.; Badamgarav, D.; Koppelhus, E. V.; Sissons, R.; Vickaryous, M. K.

    Structure of the manus and pes has long been a source of confusion in ankylosaurs, owing to the imperfect preservation or...

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  19. Heat Shock Protein 90 in retinal ganglion cells: association with axonally transported proteins

    by Bernstein, S.L.; Russell, P.; Wong, P.; Fishelevich, R.; Smith, L.E.H.

    The mRNAs for heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) are found at highest levels (differentially expressed) in the primate retinal...

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  20. Helminth position within the intestine of naturally infected pike (Esox lucius) relative to host stomach contents

    by Shostak, A.W.; Dick, T.A.

    The positions of 3 cestode species, Triaenophorucs rassusF orel, Triaenophoruns odulosus( Pallas), and Proteocephalus pinguis...

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