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  1. Evidence for selective caching by arctic ground squirrels in alpine meadows in the Yukon

    by Gillis, E.A.; Morrison, S.F.; Zazula, G.; Hik, D.S.

    Male arctic ground squirrels (Spermophilus parryii) rely on food they cached the previous year for the energy they need to...

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  2. Evidence for sympodial vascular architecture in a filicalean fern rhizome: Dickwhitea allenbyensis gen. et sp. nov. (Athyriaceae).

    by Karafit, S.J.; Rothwell, G.W.; Stockey, R.A.; Nishida, H.

    A new genus and species of anatomically preserved fossil filicalean ferns Dickwhitea allenbyensis gen. et sp. nov. is described...

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  3. Evidence of recent treeline dynamics in southwest Yukon from aerial photographs

    by Danby, R.K.; Hik, D.S.

    Small-scale vertical aerial photographs taken in 1947 and 1948 covering 200 km2 of the Kluane Ranges, southwest Yukon, were...

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  4. Evidence that the gemmae of Papulaspora sepedonioides are neotenous perithecia in the Melanosporales

    by Davey, M.L.; Tsuneda, A.; Currah, R.S.

    Papulaspora sepedonioides produces large multicellular gemmae with several, thick-walled central cells enclosed within a...

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  5. Evolutionary dynamics of Vibrio cholerae O1 following a single-source introduction to Haiti

    by Katz, Lee S.; Petkau, Aaron; Beaulaurier, John; Tyler, Shaun; Antonova, Elena S.; Turnsek, Maryann A.; Guo, Yan; Wang, Susana; Paxinos, Ellen E.; Orata, Fabini; Gladney, Lori M.; Stroika, Steven; Folster, Jason P.; Rowe, Lori; Freeman, Molly M.; Knox, Natalie; Frace, Mike; Boncy, Jacques; Graham, Morag; Hammer, Brian K.; Boucher, Yan; Bashir, Ali; Hanage, William P.; Van Domselaar, Gary; Tarr, Cheryl L.

    Prior to the epidemic that emerged in Haiti in October of 2010, cholera had not been documented in this country. After its...

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  6. Evolutionary origins of sensation in metazoans: functional evidence for a new sensory organ in sponges

    by Sally Leys

    Background One of the hallmarks of multicellular organisms is the ability of their cells to trigger responses to the environment...

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  7. Experimental evidence for the rapid evolution of behavioral canalization in natural populations

    by Edgell, T.C.; Lynch, B.R.; Trussell, G.C.; Palmer, A.R.

    Canalization—the evolutionary loss of the capacity of organisms to develop different phenotypes in different environments— is...

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  8. Expression of p190A during apoptosis in the regressing rat ventral prostate

    by Morrissey, C.; Bennett, S.; Nitsche, E.; Guenette, R.S.; Wong, P.; Tenniswood, M.

    After hormonal ablation, 90% of the secretory epithelial cells of the prostate undergo apoptosis, and the remaining cells...

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  9. Fatty acid composition of the adipose tissue of polar bears and of their prey: ringed seals, bearded seals and harp seals

    by Grahl-Nielsen, O.; Andersen, M.; Derocher, A.E.; Lydersen, C.; Wiig, Ø.; Kovacs, K.

    Polar bears Ursus maritimus are predators of phocid seals, but they also forage opportunistically on a variety of other species....

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  10. Feather mites of the genus Proterothrix Gaud (Astigmata: Proctophyllodidae) from parrotbills (Passeriformes: Paradoxornithidae) in China.

    by Mironov, S.V.; Proctor, H.C.

    Three new species of the feather mite genus Proterothrix Gaud, 1968 (Proctophyllodidae: Pterodectinae) are reported from...

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  11. Fecal Pellet Counts as a Technique for Monitoring an Alpine-Dwelling Social Rodent, the Hoary Marmot (Marmota caligata)

    by Karels, T. J.; Koppel, L.; Hik, D. S.

    We evaluated fecal pellet counts as an index of hoary marmot (Marmota caligata) social group size in order to develop a simple,...

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  12. Female ixodid ticks grow endocuticle during the rapid phase of engorgement

    by Flynn, P. C.; Kaufman, W. R.

    Abstract: Lees (Proc Zool Soc Lond 121: 759-772, 1952) concluded that the ixodid tick Ixodes ricinus grows endocuticle during...

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  13. Fertilization effects on interactions between above-and belowground competition in an old field

    by Cahill, J. F.

    Recent theoretical and experimental studies have addressed whether the relative importance of aboveground and belowground...

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  14. Fertilizing Nature: A Tragedy of Excess in the Commons

    by Good, Allen G.; Beatty, Perrin H.

    Globally, we are applying excessive nitrogen (N) fertilizers to our agricultural crops, which ultimately causes nitrogen...

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  16. Finding the “Pitch” in Ecological Writing

    by Cahill, J. F.; Lyons, D.; Karst, J.

    This paper is the product of a seminar led by JC Cahill in response to a request by many graduate students and post-docs...

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  17. Fine-scale movement decisions of tropical forest birds in a fragmented landscape

    by Gillies, C. S.; Beyer, H. L.; St. Clair, C. C.

    The persistence of forest-dependent species in fragmented landscapes is fundamentally linked to the movement of individuals...

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  18. First record of dinosaur trackways in Beijing, China

    by Zhang, J.-P.; Xing, L.-D.; Gierlinski, G. D.; Wu, F.-D.; Tian, M.-Z.; Currie, P. J.

    We describe a number of newly discovered dinosaur tracks from the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Tuchengzi Formation, located...

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  19. Fish Assemblages in Subarctic Lakes: Does Fire Affect Fish–Environment Relations in Northern Alberta?

    by Tonn, W. M.; Boss, S. M.; Aku, P. K. M.; Scrimgeour, G. J.; Paszkowski, C. A.

    In 1995, a wildfire swept through a large area of the Caribou Mountains, a remote subarctic plateau of northern Alberta,...

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  20. A flax fibre proteome: identification of proteins enriched in bast fibres

    by Hotte, N.S.; Deyholos, M.K.

    Background: Bast fibres from the phloem tissues of flax are scientifically interesting and economically useful due in part...

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