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  1. Cuticle micromorphology of Agathis Salisbury.

    by Stockey, R.A.; Atkinson, I.J.

    Cuticle micromorphology from all 21 species of the Southern Hemisphere conifer genus Agathis Salisbury was studied with scanning...

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  2. Cuticle Micromorphology of Falcatifolium de Laubenfels (Podocarpaceae).

    by Stockey, R.A.; Ko, H.; Woltz, P.

    Cuticle micromorphology of leaves from all five species of the Southern Hemisphere conifer genus Falcatifolium de Laubenfels...

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  3. Cuticle Micromorphology of Parasitaxus de Laubenfels (Podocarpaceae).

    by Stockey, R.A.; Ko, H.; Woltz, P.

    Cuticle micromorphology of three collections of the parasitic conifer Parasitaxus ustus (Vieillard) de Laubenfels (Podocarpaceae)...

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  4. Cuticle Micromorphology of Podocarpus, Subgenus Podocarpus, Section Scytopodium (Podocarpaceae) of Madagascar and South Africa.

    by Stockey, R.A.; Frevel, B.J.; Woltz, P.

    Cuticle micromorphology of leaves from seven species and three varieties of the conifer genus Podocarpus subgenus Podocarpus...

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  5. Cuticle Micromorphology of Prumnopitys Philippi (Podocarpaceae)

    by Stockey, R.A.; Frevel, B.J.

    Cuticle micromorphology of leaves from all 10 species and one variety of the conifer genus Prumnopitys Philippi (Podocarpaceae)...

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  6. Cuticular plasticization in the tick, Amblyomma hebraeum (Acari: Ixodidae): possible roles of monoamines and cuticular pH

    by Kaufman, W. R.; Flynn, P. C.; Reynolds, S. E.

    Abstract: The degree of plasticization of the alloscutal cuticle of a 'hard' (ixodid) tick, Amblyomma hebraeum, and a 'soft'...

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  7. Cyathea cranhamii sp. nov. (Cyatheaceae), Anatomically Preserved Tree Fern Sori from the Lower Cretaceous of Vancouver Island, British Columbia

    by Smith, Selena Y.; Rothwell, Gar W.; Stockey, Ruth A.

    Permineralized cyatheaceous sori occur among remains of conifers, fungi, and other plants in newly discovered calcareous...

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  8. The CyberCell Database (CCDB): A comprehensive, self-updating relational database to coordinate and facilitate in silico modeling of Escherichia coli

    by Sundararaj, S.; Guo, A.; Nazhad, B.H.; Rouani, M.; Stothard, P.; Ellison, M.; Wishart, D.S.

    The CyberCell Database (CCDB: http://redpoll. is a comprehensive, web-accessible database designed...

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  9. CycA is involved in the control of endoreplication dynamics in the Drosophila bristle lineage

    by Sallé, J.; Campbell, S.D.; Gho, M.; Audibert, A.

    Endocycles, which are characterised by repeated rounds of DNA replication without intervening mitosis, are involved in developmental...

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  11. Deep mitochondrial DNA lineage divergences within Alberta populations of Dermacentor albipictus (Acari: Ixodidae) do not indicate distinct species

    by Leo, S.S.T.; Pybus, M.J.; Sperling, F.A.H.

    The winter tick Dermacentor albipictus (Packard) has a single-host life cycle that allows it to reach severe infestation...

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  12. Defining the concept of "tick repellency" in veterinary medicine

    by Halos, L.; Baneth, G.; Beugnet, F.; Bowman, A. S.; Chomel, B.; Farkas, R.; Franc, M.; Guillot, J.; Inokuma, H.; Kaufman, R.; Jongejan, F.; Jachim, A.; Otranto, D.; Pfister, K.; Pollmeier, M.; Sainz, A.; Wall, R.

    Although widely used, the term repellency needs to be employed with care when applied to ticks and other periodic or permanent...

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  13. Density compensation in Umbra-Perca fish assemblages in northern Wisconsin lakes

    by Tonn, W. M.

    Small, shallow seepage lakes in northern Wisconsin that have both low winter oxygen concentrations and low pH possess depauperate...

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  14. Density-Dependent Effects and the Regulation of Crucian Carp Populations in Single-Species Ponds

    by Tonn, W. M.; Holopainen, I. J.; Paszkowski, C. A.

    Crucian carp (Carassius carassius) is often the only fish species present in small ponds of northern Europe. Such populations...

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  15. Density-dependent variation in lifetime breeding success and natural and sexual selection in Soay rams

    by Coltman, D.W.; Smith, J.A.; Bancroft, D.R.; Pilkington, J.; MacColl, A.D.; Clutton-Brock, T.H.; Pemberton, J.M.

    Variation in male lifetime breeding success (LBS) is central to understanding selection, yet it has rarely been measured...

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  16. Depauperate genetic variability detected in the American and European bison using genomic techniques

    by Pertoldi, C.; Tokarska, M.; Wójcik, J.M.; Demontis, D.; Loeschcke, V.; Gregersen, V.R.; Coltman, D.

    A total of 929 polymorphic SNPs in EB (out of 54, 000 SNPs screened using a BovineSNP50 Illumina Genotyping BeadChip), and...

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  18. Detection of density-dependent growth and fecundity of helminths in natural infections

    by Shostak, A.W.; Scott, M.E.

    Density-dependent constraints on parasite growth, survival or reproduction are thought to be important in preventing the unchecked...

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  19. The determinants of optimal litter size in free-ranging red squirrels

    by Humphries, M. M.; Boutin, S.

    Food availability, energetic ceilings, and life-history trade-offs have been proposed as potential determinants of offspring...

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  20. Developing techniques for monitoring forest tent caterpillar populations using synthetic pheromones

    by Schmidt, B. C.; Roland, J.

    Abstract: To effectively monitor forest tent caterpillar, Malacosoma disstria Hubner (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae), populations...

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