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  1. The 2010 Cholera Outbreak in Haiti: How Science Solved a Controversy

    by Orata, Fabini D.; Keim, Paul S.; Boucher, Yan

    On January 12, 2010, a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, affecting 3,500,000 people. This severely damaged...

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  2. Abdominal contents from two large Early Cretaceous compsognathids (Dinosauria: Theropoda) demonstrate feeding on confuciusornithids and dromaeosaurids

    by Xing, L.; Bell, P. R.; Ji, S.; Ji, Q.; Miyashita, T.; Persons, W. S.; Burns, M. E.; Currie, P. J.

    Two skeletons of the large compsognathid Sinocalliopteryx gigas include intact abdominal contents. Both specimens come from...

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  4. Accipiter Predation of American Redstart Nestlings

    by McCallum, Cynthia, A.; Hannon, Susan J.

    We used small video cameras to film predators at nests of American Redstarts (Setophaga ruticilla). We filmed three predation...

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  5. Accumulation of Al in Root Mucilage of an Al-Resistant and an Al-Sensitive Cultivar of Wheat

    by Archambault, D. J.; Zhang, G.; Taylor, G. J.

    To estimate rates of Al accumulation within the symplasm, all apoplastic pools of Al need to be eliminated or accounted for....

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  6. Achieving Conservation when Opportunity Costs Are High: Optimizing Reserve Design in Alberta’s Oil Sands Region

    by Schneider, Richard R

    Using Alberta, Canada, as a case study we use a trade-off analysis to systematically explore the relationship between conservation...

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  7. Acid-base properties of cyanobacterial surfaces I: Influences of growth phase and nitrogen metabolism on cell surface reactivity

    by Lalonde, S.V.; Smith, D.S.; Owttrim, G.W.; Konhauser, K.O.

    Significant efforts have been made to elucidate the chemical properties of bacterial surfaces for the purposes of refining surface...

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  8. Acid-base properties of cyanobacterial surfaces II: Silica as a chemical stressor influencing cell surface reactivity

    by Lalonde, S.V.; Smith, D.S.; Owttrim, G.W.; Konhauser, K.O.

    Bacteria grow in complex solutions where the adsorption of aqueous species and nucleation of mineral phases on the cell surface...

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  9. Acrocerid (Insecta, Diptera) Life-Histories, Behaviors, Host Spiders (Arachnida, Araneida), and Distribution Records

    by Cady, A.; Leech, R.; Sorkin, L.; Stratton, G.; Caldwell, M.

    Abstract: The family Acroceridae (Insecta: Diptera; ''Small Headed Flies'') are a seldom seen yet cosmopolitan group of endoparasitoids...

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  10. Activity of flour beetles (Tribolium confusum) in the presence of feces from rats infected with rat tapeworm (Hymenolepis diminuta)

    by Shostak, A. W.; Smyth, K. A.

    We studied the attraction of flour beetles (Tribolium confusum) to feces from rats infected with the rat tapeworm, Hymenolepis...

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  11. Adaptations of arboviruses to ticks

    by Nuttall, P.A.; Jones, L.D.; Labuda, M.; Kaufman, W.R.

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  12. Adaptations to Submarine Hydrothermal Environments Exemplified by the Genome of Nautilia profundicola

    by Campbell, B.J.; Smith, J.L.; Hanson, T.E.; Klotz, M.G.; Stein, L.Y.; Lee, C.K.; Wu, D.; Robinson, J.M.; Khouri, H.M.; Eisen, J.A.; Cary, S.C.

    Submarine hydrothermal vents are model systems for the Archaean Earth environment, and some sites maintain conditions that...

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  13. Adoption in Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus)

    by Derocher, A.E.; Wiig, Ø.

    We observed a case of adoption of a single four-month-old polar bear cub (Ursus maritimus) into an existing litter of two...

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  14. Age determination of a long-lived coregonid from the Canadian North: comparison of otoliths, fin rays and scales in inconnu (Stenodus leucichthys)

    by Howland, K.L.; Gendron, M.; Tonn, W.M.; Tallman, R.F.

    We examined otoliths, pelvic fin rays and scales of inconnu to determine precision of age estimates within and between readers,...

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  15. Al-Induced, 51-Kilodalton, Membrane-Bound Proteins Are Associated with Resistance to Al in a Segregating Population of Wheat

    by Taylor, G. J.; Basu, A.; Slaski, J. J.; Zhang, G.; Good, A.

    Incorporation of S-35 into protein is reduced by exposure to Al in wheat (Triticum aestivum), but the effects are genotype-specific....

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  16. Allee effect and control of lake system invasion.

    by Potapov, A. B.; Lewis, M. A.

    We consider the model of invasion prevention in a system of lakes that are connected via traffic of recreational boats. It...

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  17. Allee effect from parasite spill-back.

    by Krkošek, M.; Ashander, J.; Frazer, N.; Lewis, M.A.

    The exchange of native pathogens between wild and domesticated animals can lead to novel disease threats to wildlife. However,...

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  18. Allee effects, invasion pinning, and species' borders

    by Keitt, T. H.; Lewis, M. A.; Holt, R. D.

    All species’ ranges are the result of successful past invasions. Thus, models of species’ invasions and their failure can provide...

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  19. Allee effects may slow the spread of parasites in a coastal marine ecosystem

    by Krkosek, M.; Connors, B. M.; Lewis, M. A.; Poulin, R.

    Allee effects are thought to mediate the dynamics of population colonization, particularly for invasive species. However,...

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  20. Allozyme survey and relationships of Limnoporus Stal species (Heteroptera: Gerridae)

    by Sperling, F. A. H.; Spence, J. R.

    Five species of Limnoporus Stål (L. canaliculatus [Say], L. dissortis [Drake and Harris], L. nearcticus [Kelton], L. notabilis...

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