Performance Evaluation of Optimistic Cache Consistency Algorithms for Web-based Electronic Commerce Applications

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  • Technical report TR00-15. Caching is a simple and effective way to provide faster access to information on the Internet, and it has been used effectively to improve the performance of E-commerce servers. However, there is a growing concern by today's Web service providers to ensure that the data cached at a remote client is up to date with the current value in the server. A unique aspect of cache consistency for E-commerce applications is that most of the applications on the Web can tolerate some degree of inconsistency between the clients and the server. In this work, we propose an Optimistic Web Cache Consistency algorithm which exploits the tolerance exhibited by E-commerce applications, and which is suitable for E-commerce transactions on the Internet. The optimistic algorithm relaxes consistency constraints but, at the same time, bounds the staleness of data viewed by transactions, and brings about a generalized correctness criteria for the execution of transactions on the Web. | TRID-ID TR00-15

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