Climate Change Resources for Today’s Alberta Classroom

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  • Climate change is an important issue and educators have a responsibility to prepare students to face the challenges and future changes that climate change presents. Unfortunately, public uncertainty about the extent and causes of climate change and the interdisciplinary nature of the climate change topic present significant barriers to effectively teaching this topic. In spite of the Alberta Science 10 Program of Studies including climate change, Science 10 teachers in Alberta tend to de-emphasize, or even omit, the teaching of the climate unit. Authorized Science 10 teaching resources are outdated, do not address some major misconceptions about climate change, present limited actions to address climate change, and in one case, even perpetuate uncertainty about some aspects of climate change that are considered very certain by the scientific community. This Master’s project aims to detail the strengths and limitations of the current authorized climate change resources, and to identify teaching and learning resources that are able to supplement these resources. By finding flexible, accessible, and engaging climate change resources, teachers in Alberta may be better equipped to address misconceptions and will hopefully be more encouraged to give the topic of climate change the emphasis that it deserves.

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