Exact Solutions for Certain Weighted Sum-rate and Common-rate Maximization Problems

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    Pourtahmasi Roshandeh, Koosha
  • Weighted sum-rate and common-rate optimization problems in wireless networks can be represented as the general forms of $\max\limits_{}~ \sum_{i=1}^N a_i\log_2(1+\gamma_{i})$ and $\max~ \min\limits_{i} (\gamma_{i})$, respectively, where $\gamma_i$ represents the signal to noise ratio (SNR) of user $i$ and $a_i$ is a constant weight. In general, these problems are hard to solve. In this thesis, we propose a framework for finding the optimal solution of a class of such problems. To develop this framework, we first pose the optimization problems in general forms. Subject to some conditions on the region of feasible SNRs, the optimal solutions then are analytically derived. We show that these solutions apply to several practical scenarios. In particular, we optimize two different two-way relay networks where either the relay has a large number of antennas or the users. For these systems, we derive closed-form expressions for the optimal weighted sum rate and common rate. Numerical results and simulations verify the optimality of the analytical approach.

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    Master of Science
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    University of Alberta
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    • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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    • Ardakani, Masoud (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    • Tellambura, Chintha (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
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    • Ardakani, Masoud (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    • Hao, Liang (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    • Tellambura, Chintha (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    • Khabbazian, Majid (Electrical and Computer Engineering)