A Distributed Content Delivery Network Architecture with Advanced Edge Routers

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  • Content delivery networks help improve any website's user experience while reducing the distribution cost of the content providers. A CDN is a collection of network elements spanning the Internet, where content is replicated through mirrored Web servers located at the edge of the
    Internet service provider's network. The number of Internet users is exponentially rising over the last few decades. This demands a better architecture of CDN networks that can proactively respond to the end-user requests efficiently. Implementation or testbed emulation of a CDN architecture requires a tremendous investment. Therefore, all the research and improvement in CDN is implemented and deployed in industry research and development majorly. All the major CDN companies, including Akamai is investing immensely in the research of developing advanced edge routers. This project is a humble attempt to design a distributed CDN architecture with advanced edge servers. (As cited in abstract.)

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