Proteomic analysis of fertilized egg white during early incubation

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  • Proteomic analysis of egg white proteins was performed to elucidate their metabolic fates during first days of embryo development using 2-DE coupled with a LC–MS/MS. A total of 91 protein spots were analyzed, representing 37 proteins belonging to ‘Gallus gallus’, of 19 proteins were detected in egg whites for the first time, such as lipoproteins, vitellogenin and zona pellucida C protein. All ovomucoid spots with one exception were significantly (P < 0.05) increased. Marker protein and one flavoprotein spot were significantly increased while hemopexin, serum albumin precursor, Ex-FABP precursor and Galline Ex-FABP were significantly decreased.

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    • Wang, J., & Wu, J. (2014). Proteomic analysis of fertilized egg white during early incubation. EuPA Open Proteomics, 2, 38-59.
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