Identification of Switched Linear Systems

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    Wang, Jiadong
  • This thesis is concerned with identification of switched linear systems (SLSs), which is an important part in model-based control. There are a large number of physical systems that can be represented or approximated by SLSs. Therefore, the study of SLSs has attracted much attention over the past decades. As input/output data points of SLSs are sampled from a couple of linear modes (or subsystems), conventional methods are not applicable. For this reason, many research results on identification of SLSs have emerged in recent years. For offline identification of SLSs, many of the existing methods are designed with the assumption that the number of modes is known. This information is, however, not always available in practice. In this thesis, a set membership identification approach is employed to remove this restriction. In its implementation, a major challenge is how to find a maximum feasible subsystem in an efficient way. To achieve this goal, a relaxed heuristic (RH) solution is proposed. Moreover, for SLSs with multiple unknown noise levels, an extended version of the RH solution is subsequently developed. For online identification, a good mode detection or online data classification procedure is critical to estimation performance. One simple and effective way is to directly run a mode detection function before parameter estimation. However, this creates a problem that there may involve a lot of mode mismatches in the mode detection, which has negative impacts on estimation results. In the thesis, two effective algorithms are developed to overcome this problem from different perspectives. In addition to the above aspects, identification of periodically switched linear systems has also been considered in the thesis.

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    Doctor of Philosophy
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    University of Alberta
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    • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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    • Control
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    • Chen, Tongwen (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
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    • Chen, Tongwen (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
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