Improving the Effectiveness of Laying Hens for Use in Value-Added Egg Production.

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    Nain, Sandeep
  • A series of experiments were conducted to explore factors affecting transfer of value-added ingredients from the diet to table eggs, with the goal of contributing to improvements in the enrichment process. Flaxseed-based ω-3 PUFA enrichment did not reduce lutein enrichment. The combine enrichment of lutein and ω-3 PUFA had decresed lipid oxidation potential. Also, when fed a ω-3 PUFA diet, birds scored as energetic Efficient had longer and wider villi, resulting in greater absorptive surface area/villi than Non-efficient hens. However, histomorphological differences did not affect transfer of ω-3 PUFA from diet to egg. Finally, birds fed graded levels of ω-3 PUFA to characterize change in lipid profile of egg and blood plasma in time reached a plateau in total ω-3 PUFA/egg in 5.9 to 6.6d, with High birds reaching the target of 300 mg/egg in 5d. Egg enrichment can be modulated by changes to the hen diet.

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    Master of Science
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