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  • Analog phone lines use the properties of electricity to convey changes in voice over cabling, while Voice over IP (VoIP) defines a way to carry voice calls over an IP network. This process of converting the analog wave into digital includes digitizing the signal using Nyquist theorem which is you can accurately reproduce an audio signal by sampling at twice the highest frequency. The Nyquist theorem is able to reproduce frequencies from 300–4,000 Hz. this means sampling 8,000 times (2 * 4000) every second. Then each sample is given a numeric value this process is called quantization. Utilizing the existing data network to send VoIP traffic allows an inexpensive voice communication. Also integrating Data and Voice over common transport results is seamless voice networks, which means that the voice traffic is crossing company's network rather than exiting PSTN and caters to various offices like data. (As cited in introduction.)

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