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Motion Pattern Analysis in Proprioceptive Guidance

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  • • Proprioceptive guidance assists a human operator to perform goal-directed movement by giving kinesthetic feedback. • Proprioceptive guidance enhances motor learning when visual feedback is unreliable, the task has complex kinematics, or is difficult to describe. • These characteristics are present in the surgical and rehabilitation environment, thus making it optimal for training healthcare skills required in Surgery and Rehabilitation. Objectives • We aim to characterize the behavior of proprioceptive guidance in storing information for skill learning. • We hypothesize that a human operator has limited capacity to perceive motor information purely through kinesthetic guidance. • Task performance will degrade once working capacity has reached its limitation.

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    © 2015 David Pinzon & Bin Zheng. This version of this article is open access and can be downloaded and shared. The original authors and source must be cited.
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    • Pinzon, David. (2015). Motion Pattern Analysis in Proprioceptive Guidance. CASCH Poster Corner.