Selecting Fiction Books for a Children's Health Collection

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  • Books have long been recognized resources for health literacy and healing (Fosson & Husband, 1984). Individuals with health conditions or disabilities or who are dealing with illness, disability or death among friends or loved ones, can find solace and affirmation in fictional works that depict characters coping with similar health conditions. This study asked the question “If we were to select a new collection of children’s health-related fiction in mid-2014, which books would we select and what selection criteria would we apply?” The results of this study are a set of criteria for the selection of current English language literary works with health-related content for the pre-kindergarten to Grade 6 (age 12) audience, a collection of books that are readily available to Canadian libraries - selected against these criteria, a special issue of the Deakin Review of Children’s Literature - dedicated to juvenile health fiction, and book exhibits in two libraries to accompany the Deakin Review issue.

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    • Tan, Maria C. and Sandy Campbell, Selecting Fiction Books for a Children's Health Collection. Deakin Review of Children's Literature, vol.42, no. 2, 2014