Speciation of The Warbling Vireo

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  • For many years, birders have recognized that the Warbling Vireos
    found in Western North America sing quite a different song than those
    in Eastern North America. Recently, researchers from the University of
    Calgary, Lovell et al., (2021), have shown that these two subspecies,
    Eastern and Western, are genetically distinct enough to be considered
    separate species. Our research in the Bayne Lab this summer
    pinpoints the specific differences found in their songs in hopes of
    making field identification more reliable and consistent. Consistency in
    field identifications and a concrete understanding of how the songs are
    different would make it possible to identify the supposed contact zone
    in Alberta, Canada. Our data shows the specific, measurable
    differences in the songs of the two groups, therefore supporting
    speciation. We also challenge whether these differences are due to
    speciation or habitat structure. Our data shows that the subspecies
    prefer different habitat types however, their vocalizations have little
    disparity according to habitat. This inconsistency suggests further
    research, including a project in the Peace River region to look more
    closely at the habitat preferences and songs of genetically identified

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