Developing a Dynamic Model of the Standard Neonatal Patient Transport System using Lagrange’s Equation in the Pitch Plane

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  • During transport to critical care centres, neonatal patients can be exposed to elevated levels of vibration which may pose a risk to the patients’ health. In Ontario, a standardized Neonatal Patient Transport System (NPTS) has been implemented in ground and air ambulances, and studies to characterize the vibration environment within these vehicles are underway. The development of a dynamic model of the NPTS is intended to support the study of emergency vehicle vibration environments and strategies to mitigate vibration amplification. This paper outlines the derivations of equations of motion for a planar model of the NPTS. This derivation uses the Lagrangian approach to develop equations governing motion in the pitch plane. Stiffness and damping coefficients were optimized to drive the frequency response of the developed dynamic model towards data recorded during on-road testing. Future development of the model will involve deriving the equations for the roll plane, and further optimization of stiffness and damping parameters to ensure they adequately represent the response for various transport conditions.

    Part of the Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022

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