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The Development of Viewpoint in Children's Gesture Production

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  • SSHRC Awarded IG 2018: This project will test how children develop the ability to convey viewpoint in gestures. Children's language learning has been shown to be inextricably intertwined with their use of gestures. We expect that children's choice of viewpoint in gestures will change as they get older and be related to the complexity of the accompanying language. We further expect that children's choice of viewpoint will be related to other development changes. We propose to test for three possible developmental correlates of age-related change in viewpoint choice: 1) how children perceive events in the world, 2) how children parse language into units, and 3) perspective-taking. In addition to designing correlational studies, we also propose to test experimentally for the underlying developmental changes. The results of the proposed studies contribute to our knowledge of how typically-developing children embody their understanding of language. Clinicians will be able to use this knowledge to help identify children who develop language atypically and can benefit from intervention.

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