Translation, Immigration, and Community Engagement: An Exploration of Edmonton Immigrant Services Association’s (EISA) Community Translation Practices and the Creation of an In-House Spanish-English Glossary of Terms

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  • My thesis project involved working with the Edmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA) to create a searchable Spanish-English glossary of terms based on EISA’s (Edmonton Immigrant Services Association) Language Bank community translator needs. My approach to this project was community service-oriented, as I created a translation resource to aid community volunteer translators working with EISA’s Language Bank. I created the searchable Spanish-English glossary with the help of a glossary previously compiled by Dr. Ann De León and SPAN 405 CSL students in December 2012, a corpus of recently translated documents, feedback from EISA’s community translation team that was obtained through a survey, and insights from Amanda Yang, EISA’s Language Bank coordinator. In my thesis, I explore existing literature about community translation and document translation, explain the methodology and process I used in the creation of the glossary, and discuss the ways in which my findings and experience relate to community service-learning, the role of proofreaders, and current challenges and possible solutions within the domain of document translation. I situate my project, findings, and analysis within EISA’s particular inhouse practices, as well as within community translation and document translation practices in Edmonton and within the general scope of community translation and document translation worldwide.

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