Research Implementation and Analysis of Security Issues in 5G Network Slicing using SDN and NFV

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  • The revolutionary part of 5G architecture makes it different from the previous generations of telecommunication, by providing the services such as enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliable and low latency communications (URLCC), and massive machine type communications (mMTC). The challenging target of this novel technology is to provide massive communications between millions of devices with high data rate, more bandwidth and low latency using the protocol structure of Massive Internet of things (massive IoT). In terms of massive IoT application, the connected sensors and digital analytics that IoT technology offers can be used to track, sense and store as per the requirement. This includes the data flow from sensors to the IoT gateway and over the IP network, further to management and orchestration data centers in the h/w layer, virtualized layer and IoT applications. (As cited in abstract.) *Publication date not found.

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