Consumer and sensory perceptions of black bone discoloration in broiler chickens

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    Yu, Debrah
  • Consumers and Canadian poultry processors were interviewed to understand the overall perception of bone-in chicken meat and to gain insight on the defect of black bone discoloration, a color defect that appears in cooked bone-in chicken. Through the consumer science technique of laddering, food safety, eating quality, price, health and convenience were revealed as the most important values associated with chicken meat. Poultry processors agreed upon the importance of food safety. Black bone discoloration did not greatly influence consumer acceptance of broiler meat, nor did it appear to negatively impact the poultry industry as complaints were reported rarely. Modifying broiler bone growth rate through dietary treatments did not significantly (P>0.05) alter the sensory properties of the meat or reduce the incidence of discoloration. Overall, black bone discoloration is not perceived as a major problem for the poultry industry in Canada. In order to maintain consumer demand, poultry producers should focus on the food safety aspect of their products.

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    Spring 2011
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    Master of Science
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