A framework for total productivity measurement of construction projects.

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  • Productivity measurement is a concern for both construction practitioners and researchers. In construction, productivity can be measured at three levels: activity, project, and industry. At the project level, previous studies focused on measuring the productivity of specific activities. In addition, existing project-level productivity metrics do not consider the effect of all resources used in a project. To effectively assess overall project performance, the productivity of all project activities and resources used must be taken into account. This study presents a framework that takes into consideration all resources used in a project and proposes a metric for measuring the total productivity of construction projects. A focus group session with experts, followed by questionnaire surveys, were used to assess the applicability of the framework. This paper makes a contribution by providing researchers and practitioners with a framework and tools for data collection and analysis of total construction project productivity.

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    • Ayele, S., & Fayek, A. Robinson. (2019). A framework for total productivity measurement of construction projects. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 46(3): 195–206. https://doi.org/10.1139/cjce-2018-0020