Social Action in the Classroom: The Kids are Better for it

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  • Injustices of varying degrees occur in schools across Alberta every day; achievement gaps, European narratives at the expense of all others, and lack of representation of BIPOC folks are just some of the ways that injustice shows up in our schools. Using critical pedagogy as its framework, this paper aims to demonstrate the importance of providing students with outlets for fighting against the injustices occurring inside the walls of their schools and beyond. Implementing social action projects as part of a broader social justice education is one way to provide these outlets. When educators provide opportunities for social action to occur in their classrooms, students will be better for it. With this premise as it’s foundation, this paper will explore the effects of social action projects on an individual and school level. It will aim to demonstrate that social action projects result in positive outcomes for participating students and greater justice in school communities. Finally, it will examine best practices for teachers wishing to incorporate social action projects into their classrooms with the hopes that educators will find this paper to be of both theoretical and practical value.

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