Implementation of the TIGUKAT Object Model

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  • Technical report TR93-10. The object-oriented paradigm of computing has started to have a significant influence on many areas of information and data processing, including database systems. This thesis focuses on the various issues and aspects governing the implementation design and development of the object model for TIGUKAT an object management system which is intended to be a full featured object-oriented database system on completion. The TIGUKAT object model is behaviorally defined with a uniform object semantics. The model is behavioral in the sense that all access and manipulation of objects is restricted to the application of behaviors on objects, and it is uniform in that every entity within the model has the status of a first-class object. Various implementation design alternatives are discussed and the approaches that were chosen are justified. The ensuing implementation provides a robust kernel around which the rest of the system may be conveniently synthesized. | TRID-ID TR93-10

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