Photography in a state of exception: Documents of contemporary war

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  • This proposal addresses the most significant and widest distribution of my research project, Photography in a State of Exception: Documents of Contemporary War. It employs the primary data gathered during my tour of duty, and pilot project data from my upcoming art installation and interdisciplinary forum at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia. Photography in a State of Exception advances my interrogation of contemporary warfare through the application of a new methodological approach: immersive digital photography. This innovative application of commercial digital print media utilizes large-scale, interactive installations to situate the audience within the geographically and socially remote spaces of Canadians at war. This immersive approach represents and challenges the phenomenological experience of war on numerous levels. Specifically, what is the relationship between the concept of spectacle---in respect to war---and everyday life? How does the spectacle of the suffering of others affect us? Moreover, how an artist can represent their experience of modern war? My project, Photography in a State of Exception, directly engages with the concrete problems associated with the representations of global conflict in our image-saturated contemporary milieux

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