Eye-In-Hand/Eye-To-Hand Cooperated Peg-In-Hole Microassembly Operations Using Coordinate-Based Augmented Reality

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  • A new eye-in-hand/eye-to-hand cooperated visual system in peg-in-hole microassembly work is assisted by coordinate-based augmented reality (AR) through three dimensional (3D)-hybrid visual calibration and servo. The 3D hybrid visual calibration is to combine real camera’s intrinsic parameters and virtual camera’s extrinsic parameters in step- wise visual calibration. The detecting and tracking of image feature points are undertaken by utilizing marker and estimator. By employing 3D model and ray casting, the 3D coordinates on the matching rod, including the center of mating hole, and corner points of supporting block correspondent to the 2D virtual image points are extracted. Regarding the image viewed by the real and virtual cameras in AR, a calibrated virtual camera is utilized to track the coordinates of real mating hole and supporting block. The effectiveness of coordinate-based AR technology by the eye-in-hand configuration is tested in the alignment between micropeg and mating hole for inserting a micropeg of diameter 80 μm with length 1~1.4 mm into a mating rod with 100 μm hole.

    Part of the Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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