I2RS Architecture in SDN and its Use Cases

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  • With the introduction of virtualization and software defined networking, the way network functions has been completely revolutionized. These days, one controller is required to control and monitor hundreds of devices, a job which usually required a human administrator. This process is fast and simple, but still the way the controller interacts with the router or any networking device is still not fully optimized in terms of the ease, the speed at which new policies are implemented over the networking device. It can further be evolved with the help of I2RS protocol. I2RS protocol can utilize existing protocols to inject routes directly into the local routing information base of a networking device. With the help of topology manager, it
    can provide full-fledged view of the network topology. This can be helpful in taking decisions regarding the network. With the access to local RIB the feedback loop between sensing the network and implementing new policies can be significantly tight. This can make the network completely real time. (As cited in abstract.) *Publication date not found.

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