Extinguishing Injustice: Growing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Canadian Fire Departments

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  • Purpose - This paper evaluates the value and necessity of greater equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in Canadian fire departments. Rather than focusing on changing hiring practices, the paper seeks to highlight how leadership can implement a culture of EDI that will encourage all people to participate.
    Approach - From a leadership perspective, this paper aims to show how EDI can improve firefighter teamwork and job performance while satisfying moral obligations to better represent Canadian communities. Strategies and their limitations for communication and culture change are discussed.
    Findings - Leaders of Canadian fire departments can utilise organisational change models focusing on improved communication techniques and models to implement cultural changes needed to allow for more EDI. Specific
    ecommendations based on business research into culture change, communication and EDI are outlined.
    Originality - There has been little research or recommendations on increasing EDI in Canadian fire departments through cultural changes. Most existing literature is vague and tends to focus on hiring practices over an analysis of internal culture. This article provides analysis of best business practices and applies them to the cultural context of fire departments to promote culture change.
    Practical Implications - Recommendations to fire department leadership for cultural changes and communication are provided. Further, strategies and reasoning for why inclusive departments are more effective are given.
    Social Implications - Creating a more inclusive culture in fire departments will lead to an increase in applications from people who have not typically applied in the past.

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    • Fredin, K.A. (2022), "Extinguishing injustice: growing equity, diversity and inclusion in Canadian fire departments", International Journal of Emergency Services, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.