Increasing Teacher Capacity and Student Achievement by Restructuring Formative Supervision

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  • Teaching and learning have made a shift in the 21st century. The traditional models of schools and classrooms have moved toward more collaborative approaches in which schools facilitate and foster teacher collaboration and growth. Principals’ leadership and formative supervision of teaching and learning are essential to student achievement, but how these skills can best be practiced has not been sufficiently explored. This study investigates how effective formative supervision and related procedures can build teachers’ capacity to lead students to success. The interview questions were designed to understand how formative-supervision approaches and techniques affect teachers’ efficacy with a focus on teachers’ understanding of formative
    supervision and their past experiences with it. This study’s findings highlight participants’ lack of awareness of formal formative-supervision procedures and trust, and a thematic analysis offered solutions for further developing teachers’ understanding of formative supervision. Themes that emerged from the data include communication, collaboration, and trust, and they constitute a framework for moving forward with formative supervision. Instructional leadership can take many forms and be distributed through means of supervision to promote teacher growth and efficacy. Supervision needs to be restructured to be viewed through a positive, encouraging, and supportive lens in which teachers and leaders can work collectively toward student achievement. Building teacher capacity should be at the center of the restructuring of supervision. Strengthening teachers’ knowledge and expertise, through formative supervision skills, procedures and policies and building trust will have a positive impact on student achievement.

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