Holding Roots: Preserving Arabic Against Language Loss in Canada

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  • As we navigate through the vibrant mosaic of Canada's multicultural society, the fading whispers of heritage language loss signal an urgent call to action. My journey into the heart of Canada's linguistic diversity transcends academic inquiry; it is a personal quest fueled by my experiences as a heritage language educator. The silent battle against the erosion of these languages poses significant challenges, particularly within Canada’s diverse immigrant populations. This battle is fought on several fronts, with individuals, families, and communities adopting a variety of strategies to uphold their linguistic heritage in the face of dominant language influences. My proposed plan emphasizes improved access, choice, and flexibility in language instruction, embedding languages within the curriculum, and guaranteeing equal access for all learners. It also highlights the importance of supporting educators, extending language use beyond the academic curriculum, and promoting family language policies. This study examines the reasons behind the decline of heritage languages, underscores their importance, and suggests proactive measures for their preservation. Drawing from personal observations, I discuss how societal pressures, educational frameworks, peer interactions, family dynamics, and psychological aspects influence immigrants' language use. The paper advocates for a transformative policy that not only acknowledges but also celebrates linguistic diversity. Aimed at policymakers, educators, and community leaders, this call to action invites a united effort to safeguard our linguistic
    heritage, ensuring that each language and voice is recognized and valued. This approach is about more than policy—it is about embracing and celebrating the unique contributions of all cultures in our society.

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