Octahedral rhenium K4 [Re6S8 (CN) 6] and Cu (OH) 2 cluster modified TiO2 for the photoreduction of CO2 under visible light irradiation

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  • Octahedralhexacyano rheniumK4[Re6S8(CN)6] cluster complexes were graftedontophotoactiveCu(OH)2
    cluster modified TiO2 {Cu(OH)2/TiO2} support. The rhenium and copper cluster modified TiO2 photocatalyst combines the advantages of heterogeneous catalyst (facile recovery, recycling ability of the catalyst)
    with the reactivity, selectivity of the soluble molecular catalyst. The synthesized heterogeneous catalyst was found to be highly efficient photoredox catalyst for the reduction of CO2 under visible light
    irradiation. Methanol was found to be the major liquid product with the formation of hydrogen as a by
    product as determined with GC-FID and GC-TCD, respectively. The methanol yield after 24 h irradiation
    was found to be 149 mol/0.1 g cat. for Re-cluster@Cu(OH)2/TiO2 photocatalyst that is much higher than
    35 mol/0.1 g cat. for Cu(OH)2/TiO2 and 75 mol/0.1 g cat. for equimolar rhenium cluster in the presence
    of triethanolamine (TEOA) as a sacrificial donor. The quantum yields (MeOH) of Re-cluster@Cu(OH)2/TiO2
    and Cu(OH)2/TiO2 were found to be 0.018 and 0.004 mol einstein−1, respectively. These values are much
    higher than those reported for other heterogeneous catalysts for six electron transfer reaction.

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