Collaborative instructional design as culture-building

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  • Despite the critically reflective work of the past decade, we think that many theorists have not gone far enough In urging a re-orientation In design models In which Inter-lnstltutlonal teams must work cooperatively over a long period of time. One essential way in which the design process in a collaborative team approach differs from the existing rational systems approaches Is In the creation and use of cultural tools during the design process. The traditional models, which are linear and algorithmic, fall to take into account one of the unique products of a collaborative design process: that of culture-building. In this paper the social processes of culture-building during a collaborative instructional design team effort will be examined retrospectively, We believe that a new perspective on collaborative instructional design will help project managers and instructional designers become attuned to the social interactional nature of the team-based instructional design process.

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    • Campbell-Bonar, K., & Olson, A. (1992). Collaborative instructional design as culture-building. Canadian Journal of Educational Communication, 21(3), 141-152.
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