Radial Nano-Heterojunctions Consisting of CdS Nanorods Wrapped by 2D CN:PDI Polymer with Deep HOMO for Photo-Oxidative Water Splitting, Dye Degradation and Alcohol Oxidation

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  • Solar energy harvesting using semiconductor photocatalysis offers an enticing solution to two of the biggest societal challenges, energy scarcity and environmental pollution. After decades of effort, no photocatalyst exists which can simultaneously meet the demand for excellent absorption, high quantum efficiency and photochemical resilience/durability. While CdS is an excellent photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution, pollutant degradation and organic synthesis, photocorrosion of CdS leads to the deactivation of the catalyst. Surface passivation of CdS with 2D graphitic carbon nitrides (CN) such as g-C3N4 and C3N5 has been shown to mitigate the photocorrosion problem but the poor oxidizing power of photogenerated holes in CN limits the utility of this approach for photooxidation reactions. We report the synthesis of exfoliated 2D nanosheets of a modified carbon nitride constituted of tris-s-triazine (C6N7) linked pyromellitic dianhydride polydiimide (CN:PDI) with a deep oxidative highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) position, which ensures sufficient oxidizing power for photogenerated holes in CN. The heterojunction formed by the wrapping of mono-/few layered CN:PDI on CdS nanorods (CdS/CN:PDI) was determined to be an excellent photocatalyst for oxidation reactions including photoelectrochemical water splitting, dye decolorization and the photocatalytic conversion of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde. Extensive structural characterization using HR-TEM, Raman, XPS, etc., confirmed wrapping of few-layered CN:PDI on CdS nanorods. The increased photoactivity in CdS/CN:PDI catalyst was ascribed to facile electron transfer from CdS to CN:PDI in comparison to CdS/g-C3N4, leading to an increased electron density on the surface of the photocatalyst to drive chemical reactions.

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