Ethically Aligned AI: Applying ethics in developing AI systems for healthcare

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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that is quickly becoming part of our digital
    infrastructure and woven into aspects of daily life. AI has the potential to impact society in many
    positive ways. However, there are numerous examples of AI systems that are operating in ways
    that are harmful, unjust and discriminatory. AI systems are constructs of the choices made in
    their design. They exist within a socio-cultural context that reflects the data used in their training,
    the design of their mathematical models and the values of their creators. Ethics, the moral
    principles that guide our behaviour, can help us decide what values we want to uphold. There are
    opportunities to introduce a broader ethical perspective into AI development which might serve
    to mitigate harms and yield better outcomes in designing trustworthy AI systems. Ensuring that
    we have ethically aligned AI is important for achieving the trust and social license needed to
    apply AI in high stakes fields such as healthcare.

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