Oil Shows, Rodeos, and UFOs: A Canadian Prairie Sheet Music Collection

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  • This paper discusses a project undertaken at the University of Alberta Libraries to create metadata for a notable sheet music collection: the Walder G. W. White Sheet Music Collection, which is currently in the process of being described, digitised, and promoted. The history of the collection is discussed, its contents, and significance as a resource for researching the musical culture of the Canadian Prairie provinces (namely Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, collectively known as “the prairies”). Select items and personalities contained within the collection are highlighted to examine elements of twentieth-century Canadian prairie society and culture. The process of preparing and creating metadata for harvesting by the Sheet Music Consortium is also outlined. This paper will help inform other projects involving the creation of metadata for sheet music, and provide insight into the Canadian music publishing industry, and its interaction with Canada, and Canadian prairie culture.

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    • Luyk, Sean and Colette Leung. "Oil Shows, Rodeos, and UFOs: A Canadian Prairie Sheet Music Collection." Fontes Artis Musicae 63/1 (2016): 3-20.